Corporate Responsibility


Ansamble International is committed to sustainable and responsible development approach in order to ensure a quality service in respect of the people and the environment: more than a philosophy, sustainability is the essence of our "catering and services closer to territories».

Social Responsibility

Our business is a leverage of development for local people, especially young people. So we launched several training projects in partnership with local associations like a training center for catering jobs for out-of-school youth in Casablanca with “Enfance Maghreb Avenir” association (EMA).


“Ansamble reaffirms its sustainable commitment combining its first mission with various challenging projects in environmental life."
Used frying oils recovery, selective waste sorting, we multiply and maintain the positive practices because we want them sustainable and multipliable, without opposing the economic aspect and the environmental one.

The CSR policy

The Group's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy (CSR) is under the direct responsibility of its Managing Director. The management of this field is delegated to the Group CSR Manager, Miss Malak MTOUGUY, who coordinates and promotes the CSR policy in the Group. Opened to external experiences and initiatives, the CSR team is now the Group's area of expertise in terms of sustainable development.