Enterprises and administrations

Sensibility to innovation and services, particular attention to nutritional balance, striving to attain the best price/quality ratio… the guests’ profiles and expectations vary and differ from one institution to another. Thus, there is no standard offer but, a tailored culinary solution is studied for each institution to satisfy and facilitate employees' lives.

Relaxation and escape on the menu

Placed at the center of attention, each costumer is a privileged guest. The meal should be a time of relaxation and escape, a breathing time during his/her working day. Regional or theme kitchen? It’s up to him/her to choose! With the wide range of dishes, nicely presented plates, everyone can enjoy the pleasures of a good table.

Passionate taste, wellbeingsecurity !

Regularly trained, our cooks employ innovative processes and healthy cooking practices highlighting the original taste of products and conserving the flavors. Meeting the nutritional needs of our guests is a priority in all our companies’ restaurants. Wellbeing menu, health descriptive, composing a balanced meal never been easier!

Best service provided every time, all the time!

The lunch break is often an opportunity to turn to activities like Sport and shopping...
Having time for lunch or not? Eating as you are pleased while in a balanced diet, take-out meals or eat-in, à la carte or standard traditional menus. Adapting to the lifestyles of our guests is what hosting is all about at Ansamble!

Reinvented menu, boosted restaurants

Soups during winter, salads and cold dishes in summer, entertainments and menus around organic products and fair trade, open-kitchen or exotic cuisine: up to date and alive, the performance takes the stage to retain guests and boost restaurant’s visits.


Crucial break during the school day: lunch-break is a time of sharing and joy, an opportunity to recover one’s strength and taste different flavors while having fun.

Every afternoon, there are colorful plates, diversity in menus and surprise entertainments. A playful atmosphere provided in specially arranged dining rooms that are decorated according to ages.

From creative to recreational cooking!

Complicity guaranteed

Important people in the daily life of children, our service staff gladly shares this special moment of complicity.

Knowing their preferences, interacting with them, establishing good mood ...just some of the ways to make them fully enjoy lunch in a warm atmosphere.

Priority to nutrition education

By adapting menus to each age, our dieticians pass on to young guests some tips for a balanced diet (PNNS).

Diversity is also an important diet key. By integrating many worldwide products, we allow children to expand their culinary knowledge.


Patients, visitors, and healthcare staff... the expectations of a healthcare organization’s guests are different in terms of service. Staff hours, pathology of patients, visitors’ specific needs: the service must be tailored and adapted to the project life of each healthcare institution.

Diet, healing secret

Admitted for a few hours, a few days or for a long stay, our meals should provide to the patients the essential qualities for a quick recovery. That's why our chefs and dietitians are working together! They design balanced menus that meet everyone’s nutritional needs. The goal is to fully integrate the catering in the healing process.

Mealtime, moment of exchange and comfort

If comfort requires colorful and appetizing dishes, diverse and savory recipes, it also requires the small gestures that make the difference.
Special attention for a birthday, some comforting words during the service, patients recovery is always our greatest reward.

A partnership under the sign of complementarity

Present every day with the healthcare staff side by side, our teams cherish the partnership. They ensure safe and healthy cuisine, a specialized service provider, sustainably committed to quality. Attuned to the needs, our service is integrated into the institution project with full transparency.

Thanks to this partnership placed under the sign of complementarity, medical teams can peacefully focus on their primary care mission!

Remote Sites

Present every day with the healthcare staff side by side, our teams cherish the partnership. They ensure safe and healthy cuisine, a specialized service provider, sustainably committed to quality. Attuned to the needs, our service is integrated into the institution project with full transparency.
Thanks to this partnership placed under the sign of complementarity, medical teams can peacefully focus on their primary care mission!

Camp design services

We devote all our expertise in conception and camp design to provide practical and efficient solutions, based on clients’ specifications and requests: conception and design, camp facilities and equipment supply and camp management.

Catering services

The ability to provide fresh, nutritious and well balanced meals in remote areas, it’s our profession! We ensure the logistics and the supply chain, the meals preparation and servings, catering & take-away and barbecues and events entertainments.

Bar, leisure & shops

We also ensure comfort and leisure services under extreme conditions such as: bar & snacks management, providing a library and a DVD club and the installation of gyms and retail stores.

Accommodation & cleaning services

We integrate hospitality and support services on remote sites, in particular:
- Housekeeping & janitorial services
- Laundry services (malaria zone treatment)
- Kitchen cleaning
- Public areas cleaning

Camp maintenance and landscaping

After the site implementation, our teams ensure a perfect daily operation and smooth running of your facilities through air-conditioning systems maintenance, carpentry, electricity and plumbing maintenance, pest control services and industrial cleaning and gardening.

Waste management solutions

We manage waste in a responsible and pragmatic way in remote sites, focused on “reduce reuse and recycle” policy.


Ansamble diversifies its activities to other areas of intervention like the management of snacks, services provided in stadiums and the commercial catering, with the principal mission of managing a portfolio of international brands.

Management of restaurant concepts on the highway service stations

Since November 2015, the oil tanker Total is franchised «La croissanterie», a sandwich chain and French fast food. To date, Ansamble Morocco operates three outlets «La croissanterie» on Moroccan highways.

La croissanterie

Brioche dorée

VIVO Energy and the group “Le Duff” chose Ansamble to open and manage the «Brioche Doree» points of sale in Morocco and the Ivory Coast. Three restaurants are already open at Shell stations in Morocco, and three others in the Ivory Coast.

French Bakery

La Tartine

Ansamble Morocco is Master Franchised «La Tartine», a bakery chain - patisserie which opened its first store in Casablanca. Other openings
will follow with a wide range of tastes and flavors.

Management of snacks

A mix of collective catering and commercial catering, Ansamble Morocco has increased its experience in this field with clients like Dell, Webhelp, Yazaki and OCP (Morocco) and Oracle, Société Générale, Continental (Romania)...The last experience dates back to August 2016 with the re-opening of the Carré Gusto snack bar in OCP.

Management of serv ices provided in stadiums

The FIFA Club world Cup 2013 was an opportunity for Ansamble Morocco to demonstrate again its expertise in terms of the management of snack bars. Ansamble Morocco assured the preparation and service of 20,000 sandwiches at Marrakech stadium for supporters.


Set in their ways and habits, seniors like to feel fully at home. When living at home is no longer possible, every detail matters when it comes to choosing a residence. Quality of care, hospitality, hotel service: many determining criteria for them and their families. Therefore, Catering must adapt to seniors’ tastes and physiological needs. That's why we do our best alongside the institution’s teams to ensure a calm life for them.

Eat healthy, live better

Diet is the key of agood health. Cooks, assisted dieticians, attach a particular importance to the balance of meals. Vitamin intakes, fat and salt control, specific cooking methods, tailored textures (mixed...):Chefs think of everything to facilitate the chewing and digestion of dishes.
Meals undergo also strict and continuous control tests to ensure the safety and traceability of our products.

Preserving the pleasure of eating

For seniors, eating should help them to gain strength but it’s also one of the most important pleasures. But sometimes, there may be a lack of appetite. Attractive presentations, tasty recipes, preparation methods facilitating autonomy, that’s what we have in store for residents so that eating remains a pleasure.

Sharing and conviviality guaranteed!

Factor of social cohesion, the restaurant is the most appreciated place for residents: because they sit down around a good meal, take the time to know each other and invite their families.
Susceptibleto kind attentions, they will find smiles, comforting words and particular attention in our teams.


For people with disabilities eating is a pleasure above all.They particularly enjoy mealtimes but often don’t think about the nutritional balance. Taking care of them means to daily support them, pass on good eating habits, preserving at the same time this veritable moment of pleasure and exchange.

Dietetics on focus

In compliance with doctors’ recommendations, and educators’ inputs, we create meals based on nutritional needs and specific diets for residents. A suitable diet prevents the development of other disabilities related to nutrition. Mixed flavors, special diets, allergies, we establish for the guests different customized meal plans: the textures are modified to facilitate chewing and digestion.

Greater residents’ autonomy

Catering in medico-Educational Institute, in living home or specialized Reception House, is not only made to delight the taste buds, but also to support people with disabilities in their learning of good eating habits.

That’s why our teams introduce them to good habits by balanced menus, constant dialogue and the development of educational tools. As partners and cateringspecialists, we participate with educators to give more autonomy to people with disabilities.

Life and sharing in the restaurant!

The meal is the best opportunity to socialize, isn’t it? Committed to create a convenient climate of trust for dialogue, our teams give life to the restaurant with regular entertainment (theme meals, culinary workshops...). More conviviality, more shared happiness, people with disabilities live pleasant moments aroundtaste and the pleasure of eating.

Inflight Catering

To expand its food service offerings, Ansamble is launching its aerial catering business through the acquisition of TD MACI *, one of the largest Romanian catering operators and airline procurement services.

This activity, dedicated to airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair, TAROM **, Blue Air and the US Army, allows them to offer travelers healthy and balanced menus, concocted and delivered by the leader of group catering , Ansamble.

*: Certified ISO 9001, 22000, 14001 and 18000
**: The Romanian National Company

Inter and Intra company Nursery

A Deux Pas is a company specializing in nurseries and the sister company of Ansamble Morocco, which aims to help employees in contracting companies to balance between personal and professional life, by creating nurseries for their children from 3 months to 4 years.

Corporate Benefits

Nursery between groups of companies allows employees at the same time to adhere to their professional commitments of diligence, punctuality and exercise full reassurance when they know that their children are only meters away from their workplace.

Advantages for the employees-parents

- 93% of employees assert that nurseries provide flexibility in organizing their daily lives
- 69% of the employees confirm that the presence of a nursery near the workplace contributes to their selection or not for that work
- 59% of parents reduce absences when they benefit from a nursery close to the workplace

Results of a study conducted on a group of companies

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Since 2017, the cleaning company Alizés based in Dakar has joined the group which strengthens through this acquisition, its presence in Senegal with 700 local employees.
As a reminder, Alizés propose to its customers, companies, international organizations or hospital structures to ensure the cleanliness of their business premises. With qualified personnel, Alizés guarantees a quality service in the utmost discretion and respect for the work environment in order to provide to its customers a pleasant and healthy workplace.