Quality approach

The community kitchen is our business for over 36 years. We mastered thanks to the hygiene requirements, quality and safety we provide wherever we deploy.

Food Safety

In collective kitchen, the food security plan serves law. Thus Ansamble International has standardized its health & safety procedures. Our suppliers are carefully selected best meet the HQS standards. Training, analysis and full traceability are also guaranteed over the entire chain of production and consumption.



France :

. ISO 9001:2000 . ISO 9002 . ISO 22000 . QUALICERT

International :

. HACCP. ISO 22000 . ISO 9001 . ISO 14001 . ISO 18001

We require that...

  • Varied & balanced menus
  • Carefully selected suppliers meet the best standards HQS
  • Hygiene & quality controls at all stages of our production line

In a sustainable and responsible development approach to ensure quality service in the respect for people and the environment: more than a philosophy, sustainable development is the essence of our "restaurant closer to territories"

We commit ourselves...